Book Review

Book Review The Second Chance

I am a strong believer in the “chance situations “which life throws at you.I loved the opening line of the book“To: all who got a second chance and changed their life “I received a DM...

In Book Review, Apr 20, 2016

Book Review Finding Juliet

I was interested to read this book because of two reasons: One because of a unique pen name and second because it hinted that it’s a love story.I will not comment if I liked the book ...

In Book Review, Apr 20, 2016

Book Review UNNS The Captivation

I did not have any clue what UNNS meant when I picked up this book.This is the beauty of reading as then you do not know where are you heading towards.

In Book Review, Apr 19, 2016

Book Review The Whole Shebang

It’s a rare occasion when a book exposes you to all set of emotions in a humorous way. And when we talk about serious topics like marriage and motherhood and yes how can we forget the...

In Book Review, Apr 19, 2016

Book Review Someone to Love

There is no denying of the fact that mind is powerful. To an extent, I believe that the kind of situations which we create in our mind can come to life someday. I have experienced tha...

In Book Review, Apr 11, 2016

Book Review Dream Big

Money: Five letter word around which the world goes around. Not in a literal sense but yes for some of us it’s THE MOST important aspect and their life revolves around it. They want t...

In Book Review, Apr 08, 2016

Book Review Harry Potter (My Favorite)

I love Harry Potter. Now this statement does not convey my feelings and how much regard I have for JKR. Let me try to say it one more time: I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

In Book Review, Apr 06, 2016

Book Review Colorful Notions

Readers of this book can be divided in two categories : who have done a road trip and who would like to do a road trip after reading this book.I belong to the former category.Flipping...

In Book Review, Apr 05, 2016

Book Review Confused Bastards

What happens when :

In Book Review, Apr 04, 2016

Book Review The Peshwa The Lion and The Stallion

I am not a person who loves history and can rattle all the important dates, kings, the era with an impeccable ease.During school days, it used to be a mammoth task to remember who was...

In Book Review, Apr 03, 2016

Book Review Rightfully Wrong,Wrongfully Right

When you are reading a book without any expectation, and you are reading the work by that author for the first time, reading becomes easy ! You do not know about that writer writing s...

In Book Review, Apr 01, 2016

Book Review Flawed

When I picked up this book, I was not sure if I will be able to complete the book. I became a big fan of Cecelia Ahern when I finished P.S. I Love You. I just could not get over Holly...

In Book Review, Mar 31, 2016

Book Review A Walk in the Rain

Rain is so symbolic. It can cheer you up and it can deflate your mood. And if I can take the liberty of equating this with the mysterious word called Love, then it can take you to gre...

In Book Review, Mar 20, 2016

Book Review Someone to Love

There is no denying of the fact that mind is powerful.To an extent, I believe that the kind of situations which we create in our mind can come to life someday. I have experienced that...

In Book Review, Mar 03, 2016

Book Review The Elements of Style

English is a very funny language!

In Book Review, Mar 01, 2016

Book Review A Forgotten Affair

Readers are weird! I am a writer and a reader, so I can vouch for the queer way a reader’s mind works. Anything can click or turn them off! I loved the way A Forgotten Affair is print...

In Book Review, Feb 12, 2016

Far from reality, too close to imagination!

Why were we in love with Snow White, Cindrella , Alice in Wonderland stories ? Because it used to transport straight into the world of magic where anything and everything is possible ...

In Book Review, Feb 03, 2016



When the going gets tough, only the tough gets the going!

In blog, Dec 07, 2022

Change is the only Constant

Its been six months that I did not write any blog post. I knew that was coming with the new assignment and challenge which I have taken up. I started a new journey with X0PA AI as a G...

In blog, Aug 05, 2022

Whats your Avatar

You do not hit the Ground from Day one but from Day Zero!

In blog, Jan 31, 2022

Creatives Den

Close your eyes and unleash your strength.

In blog, Jan 17, 2022

What's your Ask

Are you Fearless in Asking? Every week is becoming interesting with Powerful and intriguing ASKS from Casey Graham.

In blog, Jan 10, 2022

Let the story begun

Wish you all a Very Happy New Year! 💥 🎆

In blog, Jan 05, 2022

All about Marketing

There is no better way to learn, other than conversing with Passionate Marketers. 💯

In blog, Dec 28, 2021

What I Wish as a Marketer

Hoping that 2022 turns out as an awesome year for us Marketers.

In blog, Dec 27, 2021

Connect the Dots

How are you doing with your 2022 Marketing Planning? 🪃

In blog, Dec 13, 2021

All I need to do is look up in the clouds

I find my strength in water, and the ever moving clouds.

In blog, Nov 22, 2021

First Learning Session after Break

Words of Wisdom from Tim Elmore: Do you read your people before you lead them?

In blog, Nov 15, 2021

Desperation Exudes Low Confidence

And desperation leads to delay.

In blog, Nov 12, 2021

My Travel Diaries

During my recent travel, I experienced what it means to be scared. How the real fear creeps in and makes you immobile. 🐮

In blog, Nov 09, 2021

Are you on High or Feeling Low

❓Have you achieved that state where you are neither on a High or swaying in the lowest ebb?

In blog, Oct 27, 2021

Everyone has experienced ABYSS

But very few understood it…

In blog, Oct 26, 2021

Its SUPER EASY to brighten up your Monday

Keep going. As Matt Haig says all you need is just walking in the straight line!! 🌴

In blog, Oct 25, 2021

Whats that one thing which you follow as a Family Ritual

Do you believe in Family Rituals? 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

In blog, Oct 24, 2021

Do check out

Why there is a HIGHWAY to Hell, but stairway to Heaven!!!

In blog, Oct 23, 2021

How I aced my learning this week

My go to source to pump up my day is listening to my favorite people.

In blog, Oct 22, 2021

Are you in the right situation

❓ Do you feel confident that you are in the place where you ought to be? 😕

In blog, Oct 21, 2021

Did you do a reality check recently

Few updates!

In blog, Oct 20, 2021

In Conversation with Sangram Vajre

💯Being Intentional is way more important than Being Brilliant. 💯 Any guesses from whom you have heard this quote. If you are a Peaker, you will know in an instant about whom I am t...

In blog, Oct 19, 2021

Reflect on your Fiction Work

But there are people who will first share their personal milestones, and then work will follow.

In blog, Oct 18, 2021

How does your evening shape up

Give yourself the luxury to sitback, observe whats happening around and smile for a while. 🥰

In blog, Oct 17, 2021

What are you good at

My takeaway for today came early in the morning while reading Stephen King’s Writing Memoir:

In blog, Oct 16, 2021

Inward or Outward

From where should I derive Inspiration?

In blog, Oct 15, 2021

Some moments do stay

Some moments are crystal clear as clear skies and some are as ambiguous as dense fog.

In blog, Oct 14, 2021

I dare to dream

If I want to become a CMO, then I need to learn what other CMOs are doing. And joining Peak Community was my first step in fulfilling my dream.

In blog, Oct 07, 2021

Podcast with Leela Gill

Leela Gill, when she talks, it’s so practical and the lessons are backed up by the data, that you felt that I always knew about these things but just rejected them because I thought I...

In blog, Sep 25, 2021

Top Ten ABM Lessons

Another goldmine from Peak, session with Daniel Englebretson on Ludicrous Mode: 10 Lessons Learned Launching 24 ABM Programs In 12 Months.

In blog, Sep 24, 2021

Move Move Move

Sangram Vajre in conversation with Jill Rowley, Bryan Brown, Lydia Flocchini and Darryl Praill on why the concepts discussed in MOVE is SUPER IMPORTANT for Marketing Industry.

In blog, Sep 22, 2021

That session which will make you forget to BREATHE

Power Packed Session with Christopher Lochhead on Sangram Vajre’s newly released book, MOVE!

In blog, Sep 21, 2021

Are you sorted with your GTM strategy

If you believe that ONLY MARKETING owns GTM strategy, then there is a lot of UNLEARNING which you need to do!

In blog, Sep 20, 2021

Cover Feature Reveal

WO-BRIGHT, Second Edition, December 2021: Cover Feature, Zinal Doshi- Founder The Flapper Life

In blog, Sep 19, 2021

Top Ten Marketing Takeaways POST6

Lisa Sharapata, Justin Keller and Nicholas Cappas on Branding!

In blog, Sep 18, 2021

Top Ten Marketing Takeaways POST5

Do you know the concept of “Relationship Flywheel” discussed by Pablo Gonzalez?

In blog, Sep 17, 2021

Top Ten Marketing Takeaways POST4

What is Conversational ad? Corrina Owens explains it with her super breezy style.

In blog, Sep 16, 2021

Top Ten Marketing Takeaways POST3

Podcast: April Dunford in conversation with Yaag.

In blog, Sep 15, 2021

30 Revenue Rules with Cody Ward

30 Revenue Rules for More Effective, Scalable & Predictable Growth with Cody Ward

In blog, Sep 07, 2021

Key to add zing to your SEO plans

This post is intended for readers who has a basic understanding of SEO and are looking for sites which can help them in SEO Optimization journey.

In blog, Sep 06, 2021

Do you use Google Analytics

Are you managing your personal website? How are you using Google Analytics?

In blog, Sep 05, 2021

Are there any HAPPY recruiting stories

Are there any incidents which have left a mark on you while you were deep in the job search?

In blog, Sep 04, 2021

Do you have your own Prayer

📿 I have found my own little prayer which gives me power and strength in all the times, good times, bad times, down time, all the time! 🙏

In blog, Sep 03, 2021

Crawl Walk Run

There are times when getting up becomes difficult.

In blog, Sep 02, 2021

Get comfortable with Flywheels

Have you experimented/ implemented flywheels yet? or you might be already doing it, just so the term sounds new?

In blog, Sep 01, 2021

How to create a Job Scorecard

💯 What is a Job scorecard? 💯

In blog, Aug 31, 2021

The Prime Years

👵 Have you pictured your old life? Hope you are not ignoring that phase and turning a BLIND EYE to it! 👵

In blog, Aug 30, 2021

Qualities represented by Younger lot

Today’s generation is confident, passionate, gritty and knows how to nail the challenges. Don’t write them off by saying that they are too young to decide about what they want.

In blog, Aug 29, 2021

Slaying Marketing Buzzwords

I love it when professionals and entrepreneurs indulge in “real-marketing” with ZERO marketing budget!!!

In blog, Aug 28, 2021


Do you stay STRONG all the 365 days?

In blog, Aug 27, 2021

Top Ten Marketing Takeaways POST2

Sometimes I fall short of notebooks to capture the key takeaways!

In blog, Aug 26, 2021

What do you value more

Would you tell a success story or share that incident where you failed miserably?

In blog, Aug 25, 2021

Top Ten Marketing Takeaways POST1

I am starting a series on my key takeaways related to all the aspects of Marketing. This is the First post in the series.

In blog, Aug 24, 2021

Do you take Notes while reading

The way you take notes, speaks a lot about you.

In blog, Aug 23, 2021

Have you edited your own manuscripts

Did you say writing is hard? Wait till you try your hands on editing…

In blog, Aug 22, 2021

No Mean Feat

I gave myself a pat on the back. I did it. But, now comes the hard part.

In blog, Aug 21, 2021

The Journey so Far

You are not yet ready..and many more statements like that…

In blog, Aug 20, 2021

Titles which I plan to Read

💖I have saved the names of the books which I plan to read in so many places. 💖

In blog, Aug 19, 2021

Books which I recommend for Reading

📖There is a reason books are a person’s best friend. 📖

In blog, Aug 18, 2021

What are the Characters demanding

Writing Trivia

In blog, Aug 17, 2021

WO-BRIGHT Magazine

Introducing WO-BRIGHT Magazine’s Launch Edition, August 2021

In blog, Aug 16, 2021


We all love stories, now it’s your chance to craft one! Don’t be shy and shake the pen!!

In blog, Aug 15, 2021

Do you think beyond likes, shares views

How often do you value the comments on your posts? Have you made any conscious effort in posting comments on the posts which you find valuable?

In blog, Aug 14, 2021

Tell me your favorite Quote

“Trying” to develop a habit, check what’s wrong with your approach. Probably you are always telling yourself, “I will try to do it. I am trying hard, but not able to get any results. ...

In blog, Aug 13, 2021

What is WD-40?

Raise your hand if you know what WD-40 stands for!

In blog, Aug 12, 2021

Are you a Buzzword Fan?

Do you love using Buzzwords? Are you the one who can not keep away from Marketing Jargons? In your sentence of ten words, at least five are jargons? Then this post is not for you!

In blog, Aug 11, 2021

Writing Trivia

What are your Writing Trivias?…

In blog, Aug 10, 2021

I do not Like this

That’s ok. But what did you do change your statement from I do not like this, to I am loving it what I am doing or where I am right now!

In blog, Aug 09, 2021

What are you Reading these days?

What kind of stories do you enjoy?

In blog, Aug 08, 2021

Self-Worth Discovery, it's a Journey

What’s the whole drama on self-worth..

In blog, Aug 07, 2021

Tangential relationship on your Goals Stickiness

Why do we go tangent from our goals?

In blog, Aug 06, 2021

Rushed Deadlines are a pass

Which Deadline are you Chasing Today?

In blog, Aug 05, 2021

How often do you write

Practise, Practise, and Practise. There is no end to practise.

In blog, Aug 04, 2021


Shutup if all you hear is your own voice and what you think is a conversation, but has turned into a monologue. It’s no fun to keep on hearing your own voice back.

In blog, Aug 03, 2021

Length of a post

The length and breadth does not matter. The depth matters!

In blog, Aug 02, 2021


Fear shuts us, and makes us blind to the realitya round us.

In blog, Aug 01, 2021

Outpour of Emotions

Sometimes it comes easily, and sometimes it’s hard to express that emotion, exactly the way the character of my book is feeling! But the journey of depicting is indeed awesome.

In blog, Jul 31, 2021


When Art and Science, comes together, MAGIC HAPPENS!

In blog, Jul 30, 2021

Have you discovered it?

What is the core of Personal Branding?

In blog, Jul 29, 2021

What are the stereotypes which makes your crazy

Moment which made me cringe.

In blog, Jul 28, 2021


If you have lost Material possessions, there is a chance that you can get it back. But time? Time once wasted, never comes back.

In blog, Jul 27, 2021

The Land of Thousand Ladders

Primed To Perform debunks a myth.

In blog, Jul 26, 2021

Look Around, and you will definitely smile

Binge watching on Nature and things around you can also make you happy. You just need to open your eyes.

In blog, Jul 25, 2021

In Conversation

It’s been a while that I was in a conversation!

In blog, Jul 24, 2021

Install the Latest Version

We are so serious about the latest versions of the technology, that we never loose any time to get the devices upgraded.

In blog, Jul 23, 2021

Challenging the status quo of marketing

For the unicorns who dare to dream about becoming 1% better each week.

In blog, Jul 22, 2021

Resource Leverage

Resource Leverage Creates Competitive Advantage

In blog, Jul 21, 2021

Is Time running slow or Am I moving Fast

Either I have to start using a stopwatch or ditch the clock altogether!!

In blog, Jul 20, 2021

KnowSamisha Series

Should I rush or take it slow? I have already burnt my hands, by rushing into it.mmmm….

In blog, Jul 19, 2021

Welcome yourself to a TRIBE

Are you a Part of any TRIBE?

In blog, Jul 18, 2021

Learnings and not FAILURES

Failures are hard. Failures crush us. Failures are demotivating. All agreed. As I was talking in my previous post, one needs to welcome our failures with open arms.

In blog, Jul 17, 2021

Don't shun your Failures

When was the last time did you celebrate your failures?

In blog, Jul 16, 2021

What's your source of Inspiration

What gives you a kick? The daily dose of inspiration which you have subscribed for? Read on why you should turn them off.

In blog, Jul 15, 2021

What brings us Together

Is it the happiness or a tragedy which brings us really closer to each other? Which one reminds us of our core values?

In blog, Jul 14, 2021

Low High Steady

“Nobody completes you. You’re not half. You don’t have to be perfect, but you have to come to a place of giving. Instead of draining anyone else, you’re nourishing them.

In blog, Jul 13, 2021

What are you reading

I am reading six books currently (Yes, I know!), and four of them are close to the finish lines. Multipliers and Brand YOU were the July additions.

In blog, Jul 12, 2021

Are you afraid to Edit your work, I am

Editing is a mean task. I can lay bets on that.

In blog, Jul 11, 2021

Six Word Mantra

Post No 100

In blog, Jul 10, 2021

Love to talk

Do you feel better and relaxed after talking? Why? Did you ever give it a thought? And why do you need to vent out “externally” to relieve yourself of all the negative thoughts. Do ...

In blog, Jul 09, 2021

Did you say ThankYou

Create your Gratitude Pledge

In blog, Jul 08, 2021

What's your Understanding Quotient

We are extensive readers. We know our religious verses by heart, but what about the deep meaning which lies behind those golden gems?

In blog, Jul 07, 2021

In Conversation with my Best Friend, An Author

When your best friend agrees to talk about her passion with you! A special moment. Though during childhood, we both did not have the slightest hint that we will write someday and wi...

In blog, Jul 06, 2021

Everyone was bitten once by the "Ego Sting"

Excerpt from Jay Shetty’s book. Think like a Monk.

In blog, Jul 05, 2021

Are you always Hanging like a Pendulum

Highs and Lows

In blog, Jul 04, 2021

Do you love Crowd

Do you always want to be in the Spotlight with thousand eyes gazing at you?

In blog, Jul 03, 2021

Vanished Words

If you are a writer, maybe you will relate this with me.

In blog, Jul 02, 2021

WO BRIGHT Magazine Cover Launch

Unveiling the Cover of WO-BRIGHT Magazine where we aim to change the definition of beautiful!

In blog, Jul 01, 2021

Questioning Quietness

For how many seconds/ minutes/ hours you can be QUIET? Is it easy to be quiet? Is it easy to be quiet during conversations? Do you take quietness as that invisible cloak behind whi...

In blog, Jun 30, 2021

Stillness vs Movement

Stillness is Questioned and Movement is celebrated. I am an early bird and start my day at 4.30 am. Why I prefer morning hours is because, at that particular time, the house is sil...

In blog, Jun 29, 2021


In blog, Jun 28, 2021

Don't shy in Conversing with your kid

How often do you speak to your kids?

In blog, Jun 27, 2021

Opinions, passing Judgements

We rattle opinions, judgements, as easily as we breathe! It has become our second nature and we take PRIDE in it. It’s a sad situation. If we would have spent exactly the same time ...

In blog, Jun 26, 2021

Patience is a Virtue

There is noone who has ever lost soemthing because they WAITED!!

In blog, Jun 25, 2021

Nobody likes Mess

The most difficult Clutter to clear is in our MINDS!

In blog, Jun 24, 2021

Who defines your Success

Do I pave the way for my own Success?

In blog, Jun 23, 2021

Whats your Dress Code?

Do you have a dress code? Why is that we go gaga over stuffed closets, and tons of hanging dresses. Isn’t it stressful to decide every day or on every occasion what to wear, and then ...

In blog, Jun 22, 2021

Learnings from Current Read

Lessons Learnt from Current Read, GRIT

In blog, Jun 21, 2021

ABM Learning Continued

Another gem of learning from ITSMA. A two hour session on “How the Rise of ABM is Changing Marketing”

In blog, Jun 20, 2021

Do you have the guts to handle TRUTH?


In blog, Jun 19, 2021

This Moment, That Moment or Yet to come Moment

Do not lose your moment of Glory. Cherish it and freeze it in your heart.

In blog, Jun 18, 2021

Discover Life's Rhythm

Did you ever think that the Rhythm of the Life is hinted to us via Nursery Rhymes? But we unlucky mortals are always in a mad rush and rattle them off.

In blog, Jun 17, 2021

Don't shy away from Pain

Pain will chase you, if you are trying to run away from it. Embrace it, it’s “painful” but suffering leaves you “enriched”

In blog, Jun 16, 2021

The Sacred World of Words for me

Milestone Number One

In blog, Jun 15, 2021

Start, Continue, and then comes the END

Our efforts, day to day activities anyways bring us closer to the finishing line, so then why hurry to touch the ribbon.

In blog, Jun 14, 2021

Let's Learn Together

The Journey of Learning

In blog, Jun 13, 2021

Voice, Do you Hear it?


In blog, Jun 12, 2021


Humans need something tangible to prove their worth.

In blog, Jun 11, 2021

It's Dramatic

Will life be boring without any DRAMA?

In blog, Jun 10, 2021

Two Sides of the Coin- Adversity and Prosperity

Adversity and Prosperity always Create Amazing Stories.

In blog, Jun 09, 2021

How to Finish what you have started?

Currently reading, GRIT.

In blog, Jun 08, 2021

How to Define your Purpose

Continuing with my learning from Jay Shetty’s Book, Think like a Monk and this time the topic revolves around Purpose and Vision.

In blog, Jun 07, 2021

The Serious Game of Feedbacks

At present Reading, “Think like A Monk”

In blog, Jun 06, 2021

Where does your Index Incline?

Happiness eludes me…

In blog, Jun 05, 2021


Who holds the reins?

In blog, Jun 04, 2021

ABM Learning Made Simple

My ABM learning pick for this week.

In blog, Jun 03, 2021

Contriver’s Skill

Only the creation of GOD is not questioned. But we Humans…

In blog, Jun 02, 2021

Celebrating the Journey

There is no Destination for Learning, so,Celebrate the Journey 👑

In blog, Jun 01, 2021

Writing Trivia One

Why do you Write?✍️

In blog, May 31, 2021

Tips to Ace up Learning

In one of my recent Insta posts, I had highlighted what are the tips which are working for me to ace up my learning:

In blog, May 30, 2021

Life's Murphy Law

Life has curves, it’s never a straight line➰

In blog, May 29, 2021

Eyes, But with Borrowed Sight

Looking at the world with tinted glasses 👓

In blog, May 28, 2021

Read, Write, Market.

Read, Write, Market

In blog, May 27, 2021

Tips to Survive Lockdown!

This was how I started in 2020, and still holds true! How I have survived the lockdown, and still surviving 😊

In blog, May 26, 2021

Celebration and Desolation

Is your world crowded in celebration, and lonely in desolation?

In blog, May 25, 2021

Bringing Life to a Character

#WritingLife #CharacterSketch

In blog, May 24, 2021

Method..It’s intrinsic, it’s intricate

I am on this journey at present where I am conceptualising the character of Samisha and fine-tuning it. I felt that when I was writing different scenes of her life, I could feel the e...

In blog, May 23, 2021

Experiencing Pain, Sharing Sorrows

It’s a Human Tendency to allocate minimum amount of screen time to PAIN

In blog, May 22, 2021

Tips for a Healthy Social Feed

Cut the Noise, clean your feed.

In blog, May 21, 2021

Fall in love with the Journey

It’s a famous saying to enjoy the process and do not worry about the final destination. If you are enjoying the process, you will not mind the outcome. But we start the journey with t...

In blog, May 15, 2021

Mandatory 2020 wrap up Post!

Everybody is talking about 2020. It feels it’s mandatory to write a goodbye note for 2020. Yes, everyone wanted 2020 to be over because of all the reasons we know. However, I am findi...

In blog, Jan 11, 2021

Leads vs Conversations

Imagine you are having a conversation with someone, and all what you are doing is talking about your own self, your own aspirations, your own challenges, without at once considering a...

In blog, Oct 14, 2020

How do you see your Old Age

Tell me two things, one evident and one not so evident which will adorn your Birthday Photo when you turn 50/60/70?

In blog, Aug 30, 2020

Marketing's Achilles Heel

It’s an uphill task to get prospects pulled like a magnet to your website.

In blog, Jul 29, 2020

Top 5 Challenges in Generating Quality Sales Lead

Tough world of Sales Lead

In blog, Jul 01, 2020

Top 7 Qualities of an Ideal Sales Lead

Top 7 Qualities of an Ideal Sales Lead

In blog, Jun 17, 2020

Be a Proton

It’s a fearful task to start the first post of 2020, with the core theme of fear! But nevertheless, there has to be a moment when I put a period on the ever lingering fearful feeling....

In blog, Apr 20, 2020

What's your Mode? Are you CONNECTED or DISCONNECTED?

Disconnect from your devices and not from your relationships. It’s happening the other way round!

In blog, Nov 20, 2019

S.M.A.R.T. Habits

It’s been seven years that I am trying my hands-on writing. I started it in 2012, then off I went, then I restarted it in 2016 with a lull two-year period and now I am back it at agai...

In blog, Oct 14, 2019

Get Going With Your Writing,Today!

This article will resonate with people who love to write but who are hard pressed against time like;

In blog, Sep 14, 2019

Writer's Death and then...rebirth

I am paralysed. I am euphoric. I am on a different plane. I am still living in that ‘I still cannot believe moment’ after publishing my first book. It all seems unreal. I did it. Now,...

In blog, Aug 14, 2019

My Kid Said

I will share what happened this morning. I was ready for the office and booking an Uber ride. Because of some technical glitch, I believe the app picked up the wrong location. I was r...

In blog, May 03, 2017

Figuring Out Who You Are

Do you cringe when somebody asks you, “So what do you do?” even though you have been working for a decade? Do you wake up in the middle of the night feeling lost, hollow and clueless?...

In blog, Apr 19, 2017

Oh the sleep

How I wish I could program my body to enjoy nap time. How I wish I could take naps and not wait for the night to descend. How I wish I could take a nap with my kids when they were enj...

In blog, Feb 04, 2017

A leaf out of Mother's Diary

I am sitting in my office and straightening my back. I close my eyes for a second and take a deep breath, check the time on the clock, and it’s only 8:45 am. Yes, It’s only 8:45 am, a...

In blog, Jan 17, 2017

The Chocolate Story

Holiday visits from friends, family and guest can prove difficult at times. One familiar scene that often makes moms cringe from my own experience…

In blog, Dec 02, 2016

Book Review My Father is a Hero

I signed up with Writersmelon for the review of this book.Why did I choose this book? It was a childlike curiosity on Why the title is “My father is a hero“ and not “my mother is a he...

In blog, Apr 02, 2016


What it means to spend 10 years at an organization

From 2nd June 2008 till date-Working with Bentley Systems.

In Blog, Jun 01, 2018

Love to Read

The best stress therapy for me is when I immerse myself in the book world. It relieves me from all the vices of this world. A book, a quiet corner and a cuppa of tea. Voila I know wha...

In Blog, Apr 20, 2017

Ditch the Tummy Tucker

You have still not recovered from the aftermaths of becoming a mother, and that too twice, then how can you think about getting rid of the double chin and the tummy bulge!

In Blog, Apr 17, 2017

2016, Thank you for being one of the best year of my life

Another year. A New year. Entire December was spent in what we will be doing on 31st and how we will usher in 2017. With two kids in tow, of course a lot of planning is involved. What...

In Blog, Jan 05, 2017

I wake up with Shit

Yes, it is shit everywhere in both the senses.

In Blog, Oct 08, 2016

Your Favorite PJ s are not Party Attire

My girl is two and half years old. Yes, just two and a half, but her tantrums to wear a particular dress repeatedly, or the color green throughout the day drives me crazy. I lovingly ...

In Blog, Aug 02, 2016

Greetings Online Saga

Gone are the days when you used to spend some time in preparing a greeting card or had a diary where all the birthday dates and anniversaries were jotted down.We used to have a stack ...

In Blog, Jul 07, 2016

Fear of Asking Leave

I accept that I do fear when I ask for a leave.Even when I am sick , or have some personal work , I do have apprehensions of taking a day off.I get cold feet when I am not at work for...

In Blog, Jun 27, 2016

Motherhood Idiosyncracies

A mother does not trust anybody ! A bold statement to make but it’s true.Mothers are the best and if their child is with somebody else ,they have this thought that they will not be ab...

In Blog, Jun 21, 2016

Mothers are Great Storytellers

Does this reverberate with you ? With me totally does.I am astonished at my own creativity on how I can spin a tale around anything.I have to feed her food , pop comes a story ; She n...

In Blog, Jun 15, 2016

Tread with Caution

Many times I feel like giving myself a pat on my back.Yes, it’s crazy.With a hyperactive toddler and an infant, life does seem to be a roller coaster ride.There are moments when I did...

In Blog, Jun 14, 2016

And Art comes for rescue

When everything else fails , Art comes for rescue..when your mind is off the target and you are shooting in all the directions and of course none will hit the bull’s eye which leaves ...

In Blog, May 13, 2016


The Never Ending Summer

I dedicate this book to LIFE, how being alive is the greatest gift of nature. This Series depicts Samisha’s struggle to live, to be alive and to understand how LIFE is the unsolved ma...

In Book, Dec 01, 2021

Gang of Insomniacs

Celebrating Motherhood! 

In Book, Mar 06, 2017

The Lift Saga

Picking the threads from my first book, Define 36 which was a collection of shortest ( flash) stories, my second work of Fiction, The Lift Saga, is a novelette. I have a long way to g...

In Book, Sep 23, 2016

Define 36 = Twice of 18

I turned 36 this year ( and I am not shy to reveal my age ). Initial months of 2016 was when I decided that it’s high time that I put my personal goal into action, and I started worki...

In Book, Jul 26, 2016