About Us

Established in 2024, ShikhaShikz Marketing Private Limited seamlessly combines over two decades of corporate expertise with the dynamic synergy of a wife-husband duo, Shikha and Nitin Pakhide. Shikha, our Founder CEO, brings her extensive marketing knowledge, while Nitin, Co-Founder and Director, provides the essential technological backbone.

Our story is one of determination and resilience. With a family to care for and corporate careers to navigate, the decision to venture into entrepreneurship was not taken lightly.

The fusion of marketing prowess and technological expertise ignites a spark of creativity and innovation at ShikhaShikz. We leverage cutting-edge technologies to amplify the impact of our marketing strategies, delivering unparalleled results for our clients.

In essence, ShikhaShikz Marketing is more than just a company—it's a testament to the power of collaboration, determination, and passion.

When a marketer and an engineer join forces, expect nothing short of fireworks!

Shikha Pakhide

Founder CEO

Nitin Pakhide

Co-Founder & Director

Our Guiding Principles



Embrace industry changes, try new things to stand out and make progress.



Analyzing the results helps us focus on the good stuff, so we can use our resources wisely.



Bringing the method in madness so that the tactical part doesn't sway us from our goals.



Challenge the usual ways in the industry, making innovation a central focus to reach the business goals.



Clear communication fuels strong collaboration. Internal and external transparency is paramount for us.



Truth and promises matter. In our business, ethics and principles are non-negotiable.