Bringing Life to a Character

Shikha Pakhide Shikha Pakhide Follow May 24, 2021 · 1 min read
Bringing Life to a Character
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Creating a character, giving life to the character, adding one bit after another, building up the personality, working on the minutest details, and putting them in words, so that when the reader reads about them, they can visualise the protagonist exactly the way the writer had created them, imagined them. It’s like working on the wheel of pottery, but herein a writer is also putting life into the mud figurines. Working on the character of Samisha, I feel like I am witnessing a reality show, I do feel at times that I am like the director of Truman Show. Watching the character take birth, grow, and one day they will attain freedom. This process is exhilarating, and draining at the same time for a writer. It’s no less than giving birth to a child. Do I need to say more? Only a writer can relate to it.

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