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Do you stay STRONG all the 365 days?

In blog, Aug 27, 2021

Top Ten Marketing Takeaways POST2

Sometimes I fall short of notebooks to capture the key takeaways!

In blog, Aug 26, 2021

What do you value more

Would you tell a success story or share that incident where you failed miserably?

In blog, Aug 25, 2021

Top Ten Marketing Takeaways POST1

I am starting a series on my key takeaways related to all the aspects of Marketing. This is the First post in the series.

In blog, Aug 24, 2021

Do you take Notes while reading

The way you take notes, speaks a lot about you.

In blog, Aug 23, 2021

Have you edited your own manuscripts

Did you say writing is hard? Wait till you try your hands on editing…

In blog, Aug 22, 2021

No Mean Feat

I gave myself a pat on the back. I did it. But, now comes the hard part.

In blog, Aug 21, 2021

The Journey so Far

You are not yet ready..and many more statements like that…

In blog, Aug 20, 2021

Titles which I plan to Read

💖I have saved the names of the books which I plan to read in so many places. 💖

In blog, Aug 19, 2021

Books which I recommend for Reading

📖There is a reason books are a person’s best friend. 📖

In blog, Aug 18, 2021