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All I need to do is look up in the clouds

I find my strength in water, and the ever moving clouds.

In blog, Nov 22, 2021

First Learning Session after Break

Words of Wisdom from Tim Elmore: Do you read your people before you lead them?

In blog, Nov 15, 2021

Desperation Exudes Low Confidence

And desperation leads to delay.

In blog, Nov 12, 2021

My Travel Diaries

During my recent travel, I experienced what it means to be scared. How the real fear creeps in and makes you immobile. 🐮

In blog, Nov 09, 2021

Are you on High or Feeling Low

❓Have you achieved that state where you are neither on a High or swaying in the lowest ebb?

In blog, Oct 27, 2021

Everyone has experienced ABYSS

But very few understood it…

In blog, Oct 26, 2021

Its SUPER EASY to brighten up your Monday

Keep going. As Matt Haig says all you need is just walking in the straight line!! 🌴

In blog, Oct 25, 2021

Whats that one thing which you follow as a Family Ritual

Do you believe in Family Rituals? 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

In blog, Oct 24, 2021

Do check out

Why there is a HIGHWAY to Hell, but stairway to Heaven!!!

In blog, Oct 23, 2021

How I aced my learning this week

My go to source to pump up my day is listening to my favorite people.

In blog, Oct 22, 2021