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Mandatory 2020 wrap up Post!

Everybody is talking about 2020. It feels it’s mandatory to write a goodbye note for 2020. Yes, everyone wanted 2020 to be over because of all the reasons we know. However, I am findi...

In blog, Jan 11, 2021

Leads vs Conversations

Imagine you are having a conversation with someone, and all what you are doing is talking about your own self, your own aspirations, your own challenges, without at once considering a...

In blog, Oct 14, 2020

How do you see your Old Age

Tell me two things, one evident and one not so evident which will adorn your Birthday Photo when you turn 50/60/70?

In blog, Aug 30, 2020

Marketing's Achilles Heel

It’s an uphill task to get prospects pulled like a magnet to your website.

In blog, Jul 29, 2020

Top 5 Challenges in Generating Quality Sales Lead

Tough world of Sales Lead

In blog, Jul 01, 2020

Top 7 Qualities of an Ideal Sales Lead

Top 7 Qualities of an Ideal Sales Lead

In blog, Jun 17, 2020

Be a Proton

It’s a fearful task to start the first post of 2020, with the core theme of fear! But nevertheless, there has to be a moment when I put a period on the ever lingering fearful feeling....

In blog, Apr 20, 2020

What's your Mode? Are you CONNECTED or DISCONNECTED?

Disconnect from your devices and not from your relationships. It’s happening the other way round!

In blog, Nov 20, 2019

S.M.A.R.T. Habits

It’s been seven years that I am trying my hands-on writing. I started it in 2012, then off I went, then I restarted it in 2016 with a lull two-year period and now I am back it at agai...

In blog, Oct 14, 2019

Get Going With Your Writing,Today!

This article will resonate with people who love to write but who are hard pressed against time like;

In blog, Sep 14, 2019