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In blog, Jun 28, 2021

Don't shy in Conversing with your kid

How often do you speak to your kids?

In blog, Jun 27, 2021

Opinions, passing Judgements

We rattle opinions, judgements, as easily as we breathe! It has become our second nature and we take PRIDE in it. It’s a sad situation. If we would have spent exactly the same time ...

In blog, Jun 26, 2021

Patience is a Virtue

There is noone who has ever lost soemthing because they WAITED!!

In blog, Jun 25, 2021

Nobody likes Mess

The most difficult Clutter to clear is in our MINDS!

In blog, Jun 24, 2021

Who defines your Success

Do I pave the way for my own Success?

In blog, Jun 23, 2021

Whats your Dress Code?

Do you have a dress code? Why is that we go gaga over stuffed closets, and tons of hanging dresses. Isn’t it stressful to decide every day or on every occasion what to wear, and then ...

In blog, Jun 22, 2021

Learnings from Current Read

Lessons Learnt from Current Read, GRIT

In blog, Jun 21, 2021

ABM Learning Continued

Another gem of learning from ITSMA. A two hour session on “How the Rise of ABM is Changing Marketing”

In blog, Jun 20, 2021

Do you have the guts to handle TRUTH?


In blog, Jun 19, 2021