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Did you say ThankYou

Create your Gratitude Pledge

In blog, Jul 08, 2021

What's your Understanding Quotient

We are extensive readers. We know our religious verses by heart, but what about the deep meaning which lies behind those golden gems?

In blog, Jul 07, 2021

In Conversation with my Best Friend, An Author

When your best friend agrees to talk about her passion with you! A special moment. Though during childhood, we both did not have the slightest hint that we will write someday and wi...

In blog, Jul 06, 2021

Everyone was bitten once by the "Ego Sting"

Excerpt from Jay Shetty’s book. Think like a Monk.

In blog, Jul 05, 2021

Are you always Hanging like a Pendulum

Highs and Lows

In blog, Jul 04, 2021

Do you love Crowd

Do you always want to be in the Spotlight with thousand eyes gazing at you?

In blog, Jul 03, 2021

Vanished Words

If you are a writer, maybe you will relate this with me.

In blog, Jul 02, 2021

WO BRIGHT Magazine Cover Launch

Unveiling the Cover of WO-BRIGHT Magazine where we aim to change the definition of beautiful!

In blog, Jul 01, 2021

Questioning Quietness

For how many seconds/ minutes/ hours you can be QUIET? Is it easy to be quiet? Is it easy to be quiet during conversations? Do you take quietness as that invisible cloak behind whi...

In blog, Jun 30, 2021

Stillness vs Movement

Stillness is Questioned and Movement is celebrated. I am an early bird and start my day at 4.30 am. Why I prefer morning hours is because, at that particular time, the house is sil...

In blog, Jun 29, 2021