Gang of Insomniacs

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Gang of Insomniacs
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Celebrating Motherhood! 

Ten mothers get together to share their stories. Get ready for an exciting ride and be ready to cry, laugh and get hysterical. Mind you it’s not a sane world and neither we term ourselves as normal and ordinary. Welcome to the world!

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A glimpse of the chapters

  • A Mother Is Born by Shabali
  • As you are growing, so am I by Neha Verma Madan
  • Journey Down Motherhood Lane by Melissa
  • Mom’s make Memories by Shradha
  • The Fairy and Elf Kingdom by Smriti
  • Are you a Mum-chum or a Buddy-mummy? by Shampa
  • A Good Enough Mother by Ruchika
  • Mother’s diary by Neha Sathe
  • A mother once, a mother forever by Sonali
  • Jeki by Shikha

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