Eyes, But with Borrowed Sight

Shikha Pakhide Shikha Pakhide Follow May 28, 2021 · 1 min read
Eyes, But with Borrowed Sight
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Looking at the world with tinted glasses 👓

So many times, it had happened with her that she was looking at something many times, but her thoughts, perceptions, and outcome were shrouded with somebody else’s influence. She looked at him with the borrowed sight. She saw him, understood him with the tainted veil. She wanted to find a way to wash away the linen, so that she could see everything. Every time the invisible glasses came on, she felt like a guest in her own body. She could see her real self-staring at her, the stare used to be so sharp that it pierced her right till her soul, urging her when she will leave this skin and be free in her mind, and spirits.

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