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Author Shikha Pakhide who writes her books with the pen name Shikhashikz is also a seasoned B2B Marketing professional.

Shikha self-published her first book Define 36 - Twice of 18 (collection of short stories) as a birthday gift for herself in her 36th Birthday year. She explored Kindle Direct Publishing to publish her first book. She published her second book on github which is a suspense novelette "The Lift Saga". She wanted to explore the concept of collaborative writing which gave birth to "Gang of Insomniacs". GOI presents journey of ten mothers. Shikha self-published her third book by utilizing Draft-to-Digital platform.

Shikha is working on the concept of her fourth book and is also reaching out to publishers to understand the nuisances of publishing world.

Shikha was born in Nangal (Punjab, India). She studied English Literature at the prestigious University of Delhi and was the 8th University Topper. She further did her Master's in Business Administration. She is a B2B Marketing professional and working in the industry since 2003. She now lives in Pune, India, with her husband and family.

Shikha Pakhide