Writing Trivia One

Shikha Pakhide Shikha Pakhide Follow May 31, 2021 · 1 min read
Writing Trivia One
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Why do you Write?✍️

In my pursuit to cut the noise and learn from fellow writers, readers and book bloggers, I have started following the people with the same interests on different social media platforms. My feed has become much more relevant and every day I am adding at least one book to my To Be Read List! I also realized through the feed that there are so many stories that are floating around me. And there is so much catching up which I need to do on my reading part. My small tiny library is like that minutest droplet in the vast ocean of book collection.

📚Have you ever given thought to why there are so many stories floating around us?

💥Do writers have creative blasts which need to be penned down, else they can get consumed by that energy rush?

🕵️Is it because when a writer can not express themselves in reality, they find a veil to hide their true identity and tell their untold experiences through stories?

☸️Is it because reality bores them and does not excite them anymore and they have a way to experience life through the characters they create?

I do not have any conclusion to this question and will never arrive at one, as each writer writes with their purpose. Everyone has a calling and each writer’s calling is different, on why they picked up the pen for the first time.

But what I do believe in is, every story has some or the other truth behind it. It holds for Harry Potter Series as well!

Shikha Pakhide
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