Are you in the right situation

Shikha Pakhide Shikha Pakhide Follow Oct 21, 2021 · 1 min read
Are you in the right situation
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❓ Do you feel confident that you are in the place where you ought to be? 😕

With so much banging of my head, I have come to a resolution that one needs a situation to prove their worth, to check how good they are at a subject, if they can excel or they need to choose a different path altogether. All in all, you need a situation.

💥 If you want to be the best marketer, you need to be in a marketing position

🥇If you want to achieve a certain level, you need to be in a situation which provides you with a pathway to move towards that level

Gaining all the knowledge is no good when you can not put it into practice. Do you agree?

My rant for the day. No hang on, I have started with The Comfort Book, and Matt Haig says: Words don’t capture, they release! 💯 So here it goes.

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