Get comfortable with Flywheels

Shikha Pakhide Shikha Pakhide Follow Sep 01, 2021 · 1 min read
Get comfortable with Flywheels
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Have you experimented/ implemented flywheels yet? or you might be already doing it, just so the term sounds new?

The common thread echoed by all the thought leaders in various PEAK sessions is

Marketing should take leadership on the aspects which drive revenue and work hand in hand with other teams. Shed the old skin where marketers created “shin, flashy” messages. We owe more ownership interest now and we “own the strategy”

A quick recap from the session done by Kelly Grover on The Other Flywheel:

• Don’t you think why GTM and ABM cries hoarse for alignment and connectedness” These tactics are the glue which brings all the teams together.

• Why do you think more CMOs are becoming CEOs.

• Marketing is emerging as a “discipline.

• She quotes that Value mapping is a great first step in the strategy development.

• It’s an evolution and not a revolution.

• The fun part comes where Kelly lists the sequence of logical next steps which is divided into Process, Data and Engagement. The challenges are so beautifully captured on what should be the next steps. E.g. when there is no documentation on, the processes and you are going to take the next step to revise it, but there is no history to it! The good old SLAs!

Must watch for the “simplest” approach with which marketers need to look at their function! Oops did I miss the word discipline!

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