Patience is a Virtue

Shikha Pakhide Shikha Pakhide Follow Jun 25, 2021 · 1 min read
Patience is a Virtue
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There is noone who has ever lost soemthing because they WAITED!!

Have you ever realized that a dish turns out to be tasty when cooked on slow flame? Barbeque is indeed tasty. It’s that slow simmering. The wait, patience all adds to it. Isn’t it the same with the writing? The novel which you enjoy for days/ or maybe for weeks/ and sometimes for months/ or that leadership book which you keep on going back again on again was never written in one jiffy. It took time, a lot of editing, proofreading to get that final version to you!

Appreciate the patience and wait. ThE natural course of the birth of a baby is also nine months!

Shikha Pakhide
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