Let's Learn Together

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Let's Learn Together
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The Journey of Learning

Learning never stops and our learning journey should also evolve and always be in motion. At every stage, we identify different resources on how to keep ourselves updated with the latest happenings in our interest area. Newspapers, subscriptions to the magazines, visiting the library and hunting for the relevant books or maybe having a conversation with the teachers, elders or learned people in that field.

All this works. And with time our strategy also changes. There is another gem that I have discovered. I shortlisted a list of Industry players who hold expertise in their area. I have dedicated days for each subject and make sure that I read a blog, attend the webinar, or listen to the podcast. Without much ado, here is the list which I refer to broaden my horizons. You will find a couple of them related to Account-Based Marketing as these days this is the latest technology which I am learning about. Caution: This list will be always work in progress as I will keep on adding the resources which are relevant with the times and at which phase of learning I am: 😏

💖 Terminus They are my favourite. They are the uncrowned player in sharing path-breaking content in Marketing, and the way they showcase it, they raise the bar every time (if you do not believe me, watch the recordings from their Break the Shit Event and The Roof)

💖 Drift This is also scoring high on my list because they touch the pulse of B2B Marketing and walk their talk. They know the pain which a B2B Marketeer goes through.

💖 ITSMA All about Marketing! They have an exhaustive list of webinars that covers all the aspects of Marketing. I stumbled upon ITSMA while attending a webinar on let’s Talk ABM. Cue: Keep your ears open when there are many references made by the speakers/ writers on their go-to-learning resources

💖 Let’s Talk ABM Series of Interview which are from Strategic ABM

💖 Bombora I am learning all the nuisances related to Intent Data from them

💖 Folloze See how all the ABM learning is put into practice


Seth Godin

Sangram Vajre

Books- Currently Reading

To kill a Mockingbird

Fun Home- A Family Tragicomic

Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter by Liz Wiseman

Brand YOU by Tom Peters


Primed to Perform

Book Recommendations

Self help- Lateral Thinking

Self help- Atomic Habits

Self help- YOU According to Them

Self help- Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

Self help, Inspiration, Motivation, Leadership- One book which is all about this GRIT

Self Help- Think Like a Monk

Marketing- ABM is B2B

Marketing- Engage

Leadership- That’s Not How We Do It Here!

Leadership- Drive

Leadership- The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Leadership- Leadership and Self-Deception

Inspiration- The Diary of a Young Girl

Fiction- The Vanishing Half

Fiction- Long Bright River

Books- To Be Read Section This is going to be a long list! Have patience, as this will always be an never ending list!

Excess Baggage

Made to Stick

Knit, purl, baby and girl

Matthew McConaughey’s Greenlights

The Disappearing Act

The diary of a social butterfly

The Elephant in the Brain

Breath like Water

Swims Forever

The Atmospherians

One hundred days

The summer of lost and found

The cave dwellers

If in doubt, wash your hair

Talk bookish to me

Books by Sarah Adams

29 locks

Friends from home

The room on the roof-Ruskin Bond

Cardboard Cowboys

We have always lived in a Castle

Beck Dorey Stein- Rock the boat, from the corner of the oval

Watch over me- Nina Lacour

The dutch house

Goodbye again


Big Summer- Jennifer Weiner

The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

A Man called ove by Fredrik

The Truth According to us by Annie Barrows

Flatshare by Beth o’Leary

By the Book by Julia Sonneborn

Is Everyone Hanging out without me (and other concerns) By Mindy Kaling

Radical Candour and Just Work by Kim Scott

The Eight Paradoxes of Great Leadership

Communities to join, to ace up your learning The Peak Community

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