WordChallenge = BlogPost = Denegation

Second post coming up in the 1000 words a day challenge ! I am not sure for how many days I can continue with this habit but one needs to start right and not be in a denegation mode all the time ! When we want to see the world the way we would like to see, we do turn into a denegation mode and never remove our rose tinted glasses. The denegation state is often found in love lost couples or individuals who are always positive.I mean being positive is one thing but always positive is something which can not be achieved.I also switch on denegation when my doctor says you need to take your vitamins on time else you your bones will leave you sooner.But then solitude time, it’s so hard for mothers like me.(sigh) I just checked the word count and I am nowhere the 1000 mark , so should I just leave this thing in between and move on to the next task.That will bode so unhealthy for me and I will be denegating it all the while later on.I checked merriam webster and there is no word as “denegating”

800 more to go and denegation will not work.I should consider synonyms for this word.But wait why dictionary.com says there are no synonym for denegation.This is not done.No help is coming from any angle.Lets stop this cribbing angle and get back to work!

I did not give up and searched merriam webster’s search and voila it did give me synonym for denegation.What a cheap thing to do ! uhh these punctuation marks and rules.I never get it.And yes coming to cheap tactics , what else can you think when you are listening to cheap thrills!

I love this song by the way, a confession.This song is on a loop.I know you will find it tacky but thats how it is.It gives me a punch when I am taking stairs to reach my office ( it’s on a 4th floor ) {chuckle} I wish I could add the audio sounds to the sentences which I frame.

I am no where close to the word limit and without possessing any negative emotions about it, I will sign off.”You’ are welcome” as I assume you will be saying thank you for stopping your nonsense chatter.And no denegation on the last sentence !