WordChallenge = BlogPost = Astrobleme Gregarious

Before I venture into the blog post around the big two words mentioned above, I would like to spend some time on this activity (why/what/how). I know it’s coming after two blog posts, but that’s ok. Better later than never! To enhance my writing rather to spend some time on my favorite activity, I found this technique: Pick up the word of the day and pour your thoughts which arise in your mind. Sometimes very weird statements come across that word but that’s ok. I got to know about this activity from one of the blog posts. So, I thought let’s give it a try. And by the end of 2017, I will (fingers crossed) have close to 60 posts. So, this is the story behind this “thousand word a day, word challenge posts “I am still nowhere close to thousand-word mark, but the efforts are on.

Coming back to this word, Merriam Webster did not provide me the word of the day. Not sure what was the reason and they were still showing me the word “denegation” from yesterday. I hopped on to dictionary.com for the daily dose and they displayed astrobleme.

This is a tricky word and I have not heard this word before. I was relating the meaning in a more philosophical way. When harsh external circumstances, closed one’s untoward behavior leaves a scar in your mind and hurt and an astrobleme is identified in your life. The remnants of these kind of astrobleme lasts long. Some scars stay with us life long, like permanent tattoos and few are healed with time.

Shifting focus from astrobleme, I refreshed Merriam Webster and it flashed “gregarious” Is there any way we can relate both the words? I just did it in the title! Can an astrobleme be gregarious? I don’t think it will be gregarious but might be antonym of it. I am not getting the geological nature of astrobleme but rather trying to corelate it with our life aspects.

Let’s aim not be an astrobleme. Scars are hard to heal and which are caused by loved ones are more painful. Gregarious people generally have equal set of followers and enemies. One tip to move from astrobleme to be a gregarious person is “listen to amazing music which pumps you and creates a positive circle around you “