WordChallenge = BlogPost = Slake

It’s great to start a new habit but it’s equally exciting (Read: Challenging) when you are trying to restart writing. Yes, it’s been a while that I did not write anything MEANINGFUL (my last creation was published on 7th March 2017) for several reasons. And we are so good in citing reasons as it slakes our ego. When you start penning your thoughts, many a times short bouts do not slake the real writer which is roaring to come out.

On another note, the more we desire and seek, more we need to slake our bigger dreams. Humans are never slaked. When we achieve a goal, then we need something else and then more and then more. It’s a race but then I believe desires and ambitions are needed to keep us going, to keep us growing, to keep us alive. If we don’t have that flame, then don’t you think so we will be like any other animal. Eat, sleep and kind of vegetating life.

Life and its ambitions are tricky. We mortals find it difficult to maintain a balance and HOW much is justified and needed to slake our mind and spirit.

On another note this thumping in head need to be assuaged (I am still far away from 1000-word mark)