WordChallenge = BlogPost = Tendentious


Don’t we all tend to be tendentious when we must take certain sides or favor a friend? Our decisions are not only based on our emotions but also our past experiences, the way we have been brought up, the way we see our elders or mentors around or simply the way our parents behave. But anyways taking sides always turn up to be tendentious.

Everybody had displayed some or the other kind of tendentious behavior. There is nothing wrong or right in it. I would call it as to each his own. Some people have crystal clear clarity when they are zeroing on any decision.

This brings me to another point: we are so excited in starting new things or a new habit, but the enthu dwindles with the time. That’s why it’s easy to start a habit but difficult to keep it going. And that distinguishes an average individual from a successful person.

Keep it going, till it gets ingrained within you and seems so simple like brushing your teeth.

P.S. I have a long way to go