The best stress therapy for me is when I immerse myself in the book world. It relieves you from all the vices of this world. A book, quiet corner and a cup of tea. Voila you know what it takes to conquer this world!

I love to read and used to guard my prized possessions fiercely. I still remember the days when I used to meander in the narrow lanes of Nai Sarak in Delhi hunting for the English literature books. Like any other normal child , early years were spent in finishing the latest editions of Chacha Chaudhary , Nagraj , Billoo and Pinki. And yes , when CBSE Board introduced the new versions of English Textbooks , I just loved them for the variety of stories and poems ( water , water , everywhere and not a single drop to drink )

My formal tryst with books did not begin until my graduation. I did not want to take up any science stream as ultimately, I wanted to do management and not get drowned in those experiments and periodic tables. Luck by chance and I just loved my three years of reading the best of the books from renowned authors.

The journey continues.

Bookworld is no less than Hogwarts and the spells are as powerful as what you experience in Harry Potter movies. You will find at least two books in my bag at any given point of time.

“I read like the flame reads the wood.” “Quote”